Enhanced Interactive Viewer Experiences
Driving New Revenue to the Industry

Play Anywhere is a New Rights Ecosystem

Through our unique Interactive Rights deals and patented Clearinghouse Accounting Platform, Play Anywhere® enables all stakeholders to participate in new revenue streams driven by interactivity. 

By securing Interactive Rights with leagues and pre-defining revenue splits between each of the stakeholders in the value chain, Play Anywhere® enables the rollout of Interactivity to the mass consumer market, ensuring compliance with all regional and league regulatory and brand concerns. 

Our partners benefit from the new monetization opportunities with no up-front or setup costs.

Play Anywhere is a Revenue Generator and Profit Center

Play Anywhere drives new revenue through interactivity from advertising, brand sponsorships, e-commerce affiliate fees, and betting affiliate fees. New interactivity opportunities for viewers, enabled by Play Anywhere interactive rights, create incremental revenue for all partners.

No Up-Front Costs

Play Anywhere has no up-front or SaaS costs. There are no integration fees and no platform fees. We want to drive new revenue for your business, not the opposite. 

Play Anywhere is a Clearinghouse

Play Anywhere’s patented clearinghouse system collects interactive revenues and distributes new revenue to leagues, rightsholders, distributors, hardware manufacturers, and technology platforms. With Play Anywhere, everybody wins.

Betting on Television

Driving New Revenue Through Sponsorships,
E-Commerce & Betting

Distributing New Revenue to Stakeholders

Play Anywhere’s unique business model incentivizes each stakeholder in the value chain to participate. 

Every economic transaction generated by the interactive panel (ads, sponsorships, e-commerce, and betting) drives an affiliate, ad, or sponsorship fee paid to Play Anywhere, which distributes the revenue to parties involved in bringing the consumer an enhanced experience (Leagues / Content Owners, Broadcasters, Distributors, Strategic Partners).

Contextual Actions and Real-Time Personalization Engine

All advertising, purchase, and game-play opportunities are contextual to the real-time sports action and personalized to the viewer.
Play Anywhere’s AI engine optimizes calls to action to drive high CPMs and affiliate fees, and the association of sponsors to game magic moments drives highly valuable sponsorships.

Ease of Control and Flexibility

The Play Anywhere overlay experience integrates seamlessly into your OTT platform, making the viewer experience seamless as well. The color, style and location of the Interactive Overlay can be controlled per platform, sport, and content.

Team Sports - Play Anywhere

Automated Interactions and Customizability by Your Content and Engagement Teams​

The Interactive Panel allows for the combination of automated contextual interactions across sponsored ads, gamification, e-commerce offers and betting opportunities as well as manual interactions created by your content and programming teams to inject and schedule into the experience.

Tracking and Analytics

Play Anywhere provides customized analytics dashboards to all customers, giving in-depth visibility into consumer behavior.


Valuable Insights At Your Fingertips with Our Customizable Dashboards‍ and Reports

Play Anywhere’s Data Analytics and Dashboard Module collects all user data for display in an interactive dashboard. This includes viewing times; sponsorship, advertising and affiliate fee revenues; and stakeholder splits. We also provide raw event data through APIs and data feeds where customers request this.

IP-Protected and Scalable Platform

Play Anywhere’s technology is protected by multiple US and worldwide patents. The system has been proven in high-scale environments. We have delivered personalized experiences to over one billion users to date, with over a trillion transactions processed through the system.

We’ve Delivered Personalized Experiences To Over a
Billion Users, with More Than a Trillion Transactions Processed.